Who We Are

Acorn Prints was originally started as Sundown Graphix in 1997. While working for a local screen print shop in Gastonia, NC that company went through a few struggles and took on a new partner. Soon after taking control of the company the new owner decided to make a few change, after that Sundown Graphix became more than just in idea. With one good loyal customer, one manual hand printing machine and a few new customers Sundown Graphix was started. Many years passed and in 2000 we were Blessed to be able to purchase our first automatic machine and soon after a larger dryer. During this time Sundown Graphix grew and with that growth came growing pains. In 2005 we were Blessed again to have someone step in and help with these growing pains and soon decided to change the name to Acorn Prints. Since that time and the help, we now have two M&R automatic printing machines 1-8 color machine and 1-1o color machine. With this help we are able to not only offer our customer quality Screen Printed Apparel but also offer them quality Embroidery, Promotional Products and Signs.




Our Approach

Where we fit in!

When it comes to printing t-shirts, not all companies or shops follow the same methods. These different types of methods will affect the end product. Finding the right one can be harder than you imagine! From beginner  "start up shops" with one manual print machine or a vinyl transfer  heat press machine  to the experienced production shop with 500-1000 shirt minimums, quality and price varies widely.

So where does Acorn Prints fall in all of this? Whether you need 24 shirts or 5,000 shirts, we do our best to fill your exact needs. High quality printing at an affordable price. If you only need 24 you still get the same quality as if you ordered 5,000!

Our Story

The Products

Quality is in the price! Some shops my have a better price but be sure to check the quality of the products. Don't hesitate to ask what kind of products their using. Ask then do your research, It's your money why not spend it wisely! Here at Acorn Prints we use all quality materials. From our inks (Union Brand) to the shirt it goes on (to many brands to list). We do not use any graded or seconded apparel. Why? Because we want you to feel like you got the very best you could for the money you spent!



All inks are not created equal! We use only Union Brand high opacity plastisol inks, we do not cut or reduce our inks. Inks that are cut or reduced will not have the coverage of high opacity ink, which can leave you print faded or washed out looking, unless thats what you are looking for.



Each piece of equipment offers it own benefits. A manual print machine is great for smaller jobs but often lack consistency and at times battle with registration on more detailed jobs.. However in order to produce large consistent runs automatics are the most beneficial. Acorn Prints uses M&R automatic presses allowing us to print shirts with tight registration fast and efficient.



A good quality detailed print can only be achived with the correct mesh screens and squeegees. Not all screens are the same, they differ widely in frame types, and mesh count. The tension of the screen can greatly effect the print as well as the durometer of the squeegee. Thats why its a must to keep these products up to date, as they will wear down with age.

Your Orders  Is Important to Us

Your order is important to us. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. Our goal to provide you with good service, quality prints and reasonable pricing. If you are still not sure what you want to do, send us an email and we will gladly get one of our sales professionals to contact you to help get your idea on a product.